Performance Contract

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Performance Contract 2020 Public Meetings

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Performance Contract public meetings held on September 26th and October 2nd! 

The contract will be brought to the November Board meeting for approval and then sent to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) for their review and approval.

Upon approval by DDS, we will post the 2020 contract on our website.

>> View the 2020 Draft Performance Contract


What is the Performance Contract?

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) requires that all Regional Centers work on desired outcomes that are included in the Performance Contract. A draft contract is posted every year prior to annual public meetings that are held in the fall. The goal of the Performance Contract is to meet or exceed performance standards in the following areas:

Individuals who live in State Developmental Centers - Decrease the number of individuals who live in State Developmental Centers and assist those who live in institutions to move to community living.

Children who live with families - Increase the number of children who live in family settings (foster home or living with parent/guardian).

Adults who live in home settings - Increase the number of adults who live in home settings (Adult Family Home Agency home (FHA), in their own home or with family, live independently with independent or supported living services).

Fewer consumers living in facilities with 7 or more individuals - Decrease the number of consumers who live in large facilities including Community Care Facilities (CCF), Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF), and Nursing Facilities.

Employment - Increase the number of consumers who are employed.

Promote equity in Purchase of Services (POS) - Improve equity in how services are purchased based on age, diagnosis, ethnicity and language.

The Performance Contract may also include locally developed, measurable outcomes.


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