Request for Proposal Cycle

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Request for Proposal Cycle

Schedule For Submissions: December 3, 2018-January 11, 2019

Winter Open Proposal Period Cycle: December 3, 2018-March 30, 2019

North Los Angeles County Regional Center IS NOW ACCEPTING submissions for our OPEN PROPOSAL PERIOD (OPP). NLACRC is accepting proposals for unmet service needs that have been identified within the agency but are not critical. Entities wishing to develop an identified service may submit their proposal following the instructions provided here.  Proposals are reviewed and eligible applicants are selected to move to the next stage of development.

With regard to the indicated Needed Services and Saturated Services (supply beyond the point at which the demand for a service is satisfied) listed below, we request that applicants only submit a proposal for NLACRC’s needed services.  While an applicant may submit a proposal for any service, we highly recommend that all applicants utilize the NLACRC service provider directory found here to determine how many active service providers are already vendored with NLACRC for the service they wish to develop. All applicants must be aware that vendorization does not guarantee referrals (Title 17, Section 54322(d)(10)), and that Resource Development staff must focus their time and efforts primarily on developing services that meet our consumers’ current needs. Additionally, it is in consumers’ best interest that service providers vendored with NLACRC are able to receive adequate referrals to maintain stable businesses over time. We strongly advise all applicants to carefully consider both their business plan and the level of need for services they are qualified to provide before submitting a proposal and pursuing development of a particular service.

Needed Services 

  • All Valleys
    • Adult Residential Facilities
    • Speech/OT/PT
    • Infant Development Program (Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys)
    • Community Based Adult Programs (HCBS compliant)
    • Applied Behavior Analysis Services (Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys only)

 Saturated Services 

  • San Fernando Valley
    • Supported Living Services
    • Independent Living Services
    • Adaptive Skills
  • Antelope Valley
    • No saturated services at this time.
  • Santa Clarita
    • No saturated services at this time.

 All applicants must demonstrate that they possess the necessary relevant professional experience and organizational capacity to create and sustain high quality, effective, long-term services that are responsive to the needs of the individual.

Note:  These projects do not have startup funds associated with them. You are responsible for 100% of the initial start-up cost and continued maintenance of the business. 

  • Per regulation, we must inform you that pursuant to Title 17 section 54322, (d) (10) Regional Centers cannot guarantee referrals

An Informational Applicants’ Conference to answer questions about the vendorization process and to provide technical assistance will be held on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at NLACRC’s Chatsworth office, 1st Floor Conference Room.

RSVP to by December 11, 2018.

Providers interested in responding to this OPP may download a complete copy of the OPP and Proposal Writing Guidelines from NLACRC’s website at  

The deadline for submission of proposals is January 11, 2019

North Los Angeles County Regional Center (NLACRC) appreciates your interest in responding to the Winter 2018 Open Proposal Period. 


All proposals must conform to the attached Proposal Writing Guidelines and Content Requirements.  The applicant must submit the completed proposal as one electronic copy to  No fax copies will be accepted. The proposals must be complete, typewritten, collated, and page numbered. No proposals will be accepted after the deadline. 

Due to email constraints, you must submit your proposal in three or more emails. Be sure to label the emails based on the number of emails-for example, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.  If your email does not generate a response email in return, the file is too large and was not received.


January 11, 2019


NLACRC reserves the right to request or negotiate changes in a proposal, to accept all or part of a proposal, or to reject any or all proposals.  NLACRC reserves the right to withdraw this Open Proposal Period (OPP) and/or any item within at any time without notice.  NLACRC reserves the right to disqualify any proposal which does not adhere to the OPP guidelines. This OPP is being offered at the discretion of NLACRC. There are no start-up funds associated with these proposals.  


The applicant is required to submit an electronic copy in a word compatible or PIF document.  An application will be disqualified from consideration for failure to follow instructions, complete documents, submit required documents or meet the submission deadline.  All proposals submitted must adhere to the following requirements:  

  • Use Standard size format so proposal will print out on a standard 8 ½ x 11 paper
  • Proposal must be typed using a standard font (12).
  • Complete submission must not exceed a total of 40 pages, excluding cost statement and DS1891.
  • Every page must be numbered consecutively.
  • The “Proposal Title Page” must be the first page of the proposal.  The project to be developed must be indicated.
  • The proposal must include a Table of Contents that corresponds to Content Requirements.
  • All sections of the Content Requirements must be addressed in the proposal.=
  • Each program must have its own proposal submission. 


Provide the name, address and telephone number of the applicant.  If the applicant is a corporation, list the principal members of the corporation and include verification of incorporation in California.  Identify the author(s) of the proposal.  List any parties who participated in writing all or part of the proposal.   





a. Provide a 1-2 page summary of the applicant’s qualifications which details education, knowledge and experience providing services to persons with developmental disabilities, and which includes a brief description of applicant’s experience in developing and operating the type of project for which you are submitting a proposal.

b. Provide a copy of your resume with at least two (2) references with addresses and telephone numbers, and a statement permitting that references may be verified by NLACRC.  Applicants should be aware that the selection committee will contact references or other sources to corroborate any information provided in the proposal.

BRIEFLY address the following elements:

a. Philosophy and Statement of Purpose in regards to specific service/development/project you are applying for
b. The programs instructional strategies, techniques and intervention methods to be utilized. 
c. Anticipated individual’s outcomes
d. Staffing

1. Management oversight
2. Employee qualifications
3. Contingency plans
4. Staff training and development approaches
5. Consultants qualifications (if applicable) 

e. If applicable describe how your program will seek out and access ancillary/generic resources to insure ongoing health, safety and growth of the individuals the program would support.  (ex. Mental health services, dentist, probation, public transportation,…)
f. Operations/Location
-    Office location and hours
-    Area/location of services and hours
g. Describe you agencies orientation to continuous quality improvement, learning and self-evaluation as it relates to this service.




Every applicant or vendor must complete and submit a current Applicant/Vendor Disclosure Statement, DS 1891 (disclosure statement) which discloses information about each service provider’s ownership and control interest.  As part of the complete application packet for vendorization or upon request of the vendoring regional center.  Overall Authority:  Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 42, Part 455; California Code of Regulations, Title 17 Section 54311.  Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 4648.12. 

10. If applicable a copy of LLC paper/corporation documents/DBA documents.

a. Provide a statement outlining applicant’s plan to serve diverse populations, including, but not limited to, culturally and linguistically diverse populations.
b. Provide examples of applicant’s commitment to addressing the needs of those diverse populations.
c. Provide any additional information that the applicant deems relevant to issues of equity and diversity.

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