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New measures have been added to the Draft 2018 Performance Contract

NLACRC recently revised the Draft 2018 Performance Contract due to new measures that are being required by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). The new measures were announced at the Performance Contract Public Meeting which was held on August 29th at the NLACRC Chatsworth office.

Changes to the Performance Contract are due to the greater amount of attention that POS
disparities have recently received, and Trailer Bill Language for 2017 that requires the
addition of employment goals into performance contract measures. The new measures will
also allow for more consistent data that DDS can report out on the Dashboard on the DDS
web site.

The list of measures related to reducing POS disparities has changed since 2017. We were asked to select at least two of the new disparity measures and include them in our 2018
contract. NLACRC is including three new measures, which are listed on page 5 of the draft in green text.

Several new employment measures have also been added to the 2018 performance contract and are reflected in our revised Draft 2018 Performance Contract. The five new measures
can be found on page 7 of the draft in green text.

Please find below a link to view the revised Draft 2018 Performance Contract. Additions to
the "Activities Regional Center will employ to achieve outcome," are indicated in red text. 

We are providing this revised draft for your review. There is also the option to add locally
developed public policy outcomes which should be measurable in order to be able to track
progress in the outcomes. Feel free to ask questions or provide feedback on these measures by sending an e-mail to

Feedback received by Friday, September 29th will be reported at the October 10th Board
meeting. The 2018 Contract will be approved at the November 15th board meeting and
submitted to DDS by December 1st.

>> View the Revised Draft 2018 NLACRC Performance Contract


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