Willits v. City of Los Angeles

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Notice of Proposed Settlement of Class Action Lawsuit

Willits v. City of Los Angeles
Filed in 2010, this lawsuit alleges that the City of Los Angeles violated federal and state disability access law by denying individuals with mobility disabilities access to Pedestrian Facilities, as listed above. The City of Los Angeles denies these allegations and disputes that it has any liability or committed any wrongdoing. The court did not decide in favor of either Plaintiffs or the City of Los Angeles in this case. Instead, both sides agreed to a settlement. That way, they avoid the cost, delay and uncertainty of a trial and settlement benefits to the class members.

Summary of the Proposed Settlement Agreement:
The Settlement Agreement will be in effect for thirty (30) years. Throughout that time period, The City will implement a program to improve access to Pedestrian Facilities for people with mobility disabilities. The program will include the following main components:
    1.    Access Barrier Removal in Existing Pedestrian Facilities
    2.    Priority Guidelines for Removal of Access Barriers
    3.    Access Request Program
    4.    Access to Newly Constructed and Altered Facilities
    5.    Access and Construction Database
    6.    ADA Coordinator
    7.    Monitoring

For more information about this lawsuit, please visit http://www.losangelesadasettlement.org/ or  see the links below:

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