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The research studies listed here are posted as a public service and courtesy for interested parties. NLACRC has no affiliation or connection with the research studies. All research studies are conducted by third parties who are not related in any way to NLACRC. Whether or not a consumer, parent or guardian chooses to participate in any study is entirely their decision. NLACRC services will not be affected in any way if a NLACRC family or consumer chooses to participate in, not to participate in, or withdraw from a research study. Any participation is at the consumer’s, parents’ or guardian’s own risk. Participants agree that they will not hold NLACRC liable or responsible in the event he/she experiences any real or perceived harm because of his/her decision to participate in the research study.

I understand and agree that (i) the information relating to research studies is provided as a courtesy and a public service; (ii) NLACRC has no affiliation or connection to the research studies; and (iii) I will not hold NLACRC liable or responsible for any perceived or actual harm that I may experience should I choose to participate in one or more research studies.

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