Complaint Process

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4731 Complaint Process
The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act provides consumers and others with a process by which a complaint can be filed against a regional center, developmental center, or regional center service provider, when there is a belief that a consumer’s rights have been abused, punitively withheld or improperly or unreasonably denied.

The regional center has published a complaint form that explains the process. These pamphlets are provided to consumers, and where appropriate, families, during routinely scheduled individual program planning (IPP) meetings by the Consumer Services Coordinator (CSC).

The intent of the 4731 Complaint Process is to provide a meaningful resolution when a rights violation has been substantiated, and attempt to prevent similar violations from occurring again.

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NLACRC'S Whistleblower Policy
NLACRC has a board-approved Whistleblower policy for vendors, contractors and others, and one for employees and board members. Click on the links below to view.

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Department of Developmental Services' Whistleblower Complaint Process
DDS has a process for handling whistleblower complaints regarding alleged improper activity by regional centers or vendors/contractors. This information is available on the DDS web site, and a link has been posted below.

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