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Creek Fire Update

Post Date:12/05/2017 1:29 PM

Update as of December 7, 2017

We would like to provide you with a current update regarding the fires that continue to impact our consumers, service providers, and employees.  The fires continue to burn uncontrollably given uncooperative wind conditions and containment has been a challenge so we continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis.  

Because the evacuation areas have been expanded, the impact on our consumers, service providers, and employees continues to grow.  As of this morning, we have approximately 2808 consumers, 48 employees, and 38 service providers located near or within the evacuation areas.  A number of programs have had to participate in either mandatory and voluntary evacuations since Tuesday and some programs have also remained closed due to poor air quality.  Our transportation services were also affected by these program closures and many LAUSD schools have remained closed.

We continue to meet daily to discuss the status of the fires and its impact on the agency.Our Community Services Department is maintaining communication with our service providers and offering support as needed.  We are working with the LA City Department on Disability who has offered assistance to NLACRC in the event we have issues evacuating or locating evacuation centers for our consumers. 

We will continue to monitor this situation and provide you with periodic updates as we receive them.


Please be informed that there are currently two fires in or near NLACRC’s catchment area that may impact NLACRC consumers, service providers, and employees. 
The Creek Fire is located in the Tujunga/ Sunland area.   
NLACRC is contacting consumers and service providers located in the areas adjacent to the Creek fires.  NLACRC has approximately 376 consumers, 5 residential facilities, and 9 vendors located in the adjacent area.   NLACRC has determined that we do not have any consumers or programs near the Thomas Fire. 
Given the unpredictability of this fire, and the possibility that it might shift its course, the agency has developed a plan of action in an effort to ensure that we identify those individuals who might need our assistance.

We will be sending an automated message to all individuals who have been identified to be in the fire zone or in adjacent areas.  These individuals will have the option to respond if they are safe or are in need of a return call from North Los Angeles County Regional Center.  
Here is a link that you can access for up-to-date information regarding the Creek Fire.  We will keep you informed of any pertinent information as we receive it.  Thank you.

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