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Purchase of Service Policies page now includes information to meet the requirements of W&I Code 4629.5(b)(5)

Post Date:12/31/2019 10:01 AM
Service Standards
The Purchase of Service Policies, referred to as Service Standards, provide direction about the types of services that NLACRC may purchase for consumers. Each regional center develops its own service standard policy that is unique to the community that it serves. These standards are approved by the California Department of Developmental Services to assure that they conform with the Lanterman Act.

Furthermore, W&I Code section 4629.5(b)(5) was amended to require regional centers to post on their internet websites POS policies and any other policies, guidelines, or regional center-developed assessment tools used to determine the transportation, personal assistant, or independent or supported living service needs of a consumer.

Please note the page numbers in NLACRC’s Purchase of Service policies where you can reference the following services:

  • Transportation – Page 66 (Page 68 - Spanish)
  • Personal Assistance – Page 26 (Page 25 - Spanish)
  • Independent Living Services (ILS) – Page 30 (Page 30 - Spanish)
  • Supported Living Services (SLS) – Page 32 (Page 32 - Spanish)
>> View the Service Standards 2018 (English)

>> View the Service Standards 2018 (Spanish)
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